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Archive for: September 2011

28th September 2011

7 top tips for a successful consumer tech PR product reviews programme

Launching a shiny new gadget in the consumer tech space will often involve making sure that ace new bit of tech lands in the hands

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Claire Barber Profile Image
Written by
Claire Barber
26th September 2011

Top tips for (tech PR) interns

Internships are often seen as controversial because some companies use them as a source of free and eager labour. They are also often linked to

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Written by
Ollie Gover
23rd September 2011

PR lessons from the Netflix disaster

How far can PR help when a brand’s business model is so clearly flawed? That must be the question the Netflix PR team is asking

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Danny Whatmough Profile Image
Written by
Danny Whatmough
20th September 2011

Working in technology PR: hunting for headlines in HTML

When explaining to people that I work in technology PR, I’ve often been greeted by blank looks. Not only do many lack familiarity with what

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Written by
Eleanor Dobson