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Archive for: May 2015

13th May 2015

Robot doctors – a tech step too far or a lifeline for patients?

As someone with recent, first-hand experience of using the NHS, I have to say I was impressed. But it also left me reimagining the whole

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Kat Farminer
6th May 2015

Why aren’t traditional PR tactics enough any more?

“Traditional” has become a bit of a dirty word in PR terms. It implies the reliance on old school tactics in today’s complex media environment.

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Debby Penton
5th May 2015

Blurred lines: the marketing, PR and advertising mêlée (not the Robin Thicke song…)

I was once told that the difference between PR and marketing was thus: marketing is the art of saying good things about yourself; PR is

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Sanjay Dove
1st May 2015

It’s not about the bike, Lance (but don’t forget to charge the battery)

First thing to say is please don’t worry, this is a technology blog – not an opportunity to preach about getting fit. I’ll leave that

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