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Archive for: October 2016

31st October 2016

When is a white paper not a white paper?

Marketers do love to come up with fancy names for mundane stuff — and sometimes it annoys the hell out of me. Let me explain.

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Sanjay Dove
14th October 2016

Brand credibility: why it’s important and the role of PR

As a business development director for a tech PR agency, I’m often told by prospective clients that one of the main objectives they have is

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Paula Fifield
10th October 2016

Why texuality is so important to LGBT

Unfortunately, people in real life don’t have a massive sign on their heads telling any potential mates which way their sexuality tends to bend and,

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5th October 2016

Can you do it?

Last Friday at Wildfire Towers we fully embraced the MacMillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with an overflowing of cake, coffee and fund raising – over

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Juliet Philip