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Archive for: June 2017

26th June 2017

Search: How to do social media marketing…..ENTER

If you’ve recently searched ‘How to do social media marketing’ you’re not alone! This search is conducted 1,000 times per month according to Google, representing

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Paula Fifield Profile Image
Written by
Paula Fifield
23rd June 2017

Thinking about a new PR career? Look no further…

Five years and six months ago, I penned my very first blog for Wildfire – or EML Wildfire as it was formerly known – as

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Hannah Wright Profile Image
Written by
Hannah Wright
20th June 2017

The Future of Influence — Everything has changed, but nothing has changed

Last week I was lucky enough to attend’s “The Future of Influence” conference, which attempted to explore many key themes including: the influence of

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Written by
Chris King
16th June 2017

IoC: ‘Internet of Clothes’

With London Tech Week coming to a close, I was lucky enough to attend a fashion and technology event hosted by the Women of Wearables

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Written by
Emma Sandham