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News and views from the Wildfire team

23rd July 2019

Fintech for all? The rise of mobile payment technology in Africa

One could be forgiven for assuming the Silicon Valleys, Alleys or Gorges of the world are where mobile payments reign supreme. These technological hubs have

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Charlie O'Toole Profile Image
Written by
Charlie O'Toole
19th July 2019

How brands are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

How brands are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing Whether you believe the moon landing happened or you remain a sceptic, the 50th

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Zoe Eastwood Profile Image
Written by
Zoe Eastwood
16th July 2019

A healthy obsession with tech

Did you know that the NHS is the world’s fifth largest employer? It’s an operation with so many people and layers of complexity that it

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Jamie Weeks Profile Image
Written by
Jamie Weeks
12th July 2019

How working abroad gave me professional direction back home

From the West Midlands to the Mid-West “Today’s graduate recruitment market is stuck in a vicious circle. Graduates are struggling to wade through generic company

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Jake Rowlands Profile Image
Written by
Jake Rowlands
9th July 2019

Three lionesses on the shirt: how the women’s game became a brand in its own right

Unless you’ve spent the last few weeks living under a rock you can’t fail to have missed that one of the biggest sporting competitions in

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Ella Fearnley-Marr Profile Image
Written by
Ella Fearnley-Marr
5th July 2019

What is “strategy” anyway, Mark Ritson?

Cue eyerolls from my colleagues when I start talking about Mark Ritson again… Mark Ritson is one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing. For

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Sanjay Dove Profile Image
Written by
Sanjay Dove
5G technology
2nd July 2019

Get smart — the future is 5G

Humans have been able to send information at distance to one another for quite a while now, and we’ve actually become pretty good at it.

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Sam McKenna Profile Image
Written by
Sam McKenna
28th June 2019

Technology and prejudice: a brief history of techno-orientalism

Technology has never been more capable of bringing people together. The social media explosion emerging from the streets of Hong Kong is the most recent

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Ben Musgrove Profile Image
Written by
Ben Musgrove
Creative PR campaigns
25th June 2019

My favourite PR campaigns and stunts across the last year

Working in PR, I’m always looking for unique ideas that get the creativity juices flowing. So, I thought I’d take some time to highlight some

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Rachel Nulty Profile Image
Written by
Rachel Nulty
21st June 2019

Pride month: A lesson for marketers

This month is pride month, and for the LGBT demographic, it’s one where we’re going to spend some serious money. 2019 is particularly significant because

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Shaan Sidhu Profile Image
Written by
Shaan Sidhu
18th June 2019

Parenting tech — a tech too far?

Last week, Swedish TV company visited Wildfire to do some filming for a documentary about digitalisation and technology, and how it affects society, human

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Debby Penton Profile Image
Written by
Debby Penton
14th June 2019

Brands — get grafting or get mugged off

It’s now two weeks into this year’s series of ITV’s Love Island and we’ve already witnessed a dumping, six new islanders and several jealous meltdowns.

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Fiona Todd Profile Image
Written by
Fiona Todd