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IS Decisions

Turning Hollywood on its head to drive a 42% increase in security software sales

How we ruined Hollywood

Like most security companies, IS Decisions faces the challenge of explaining a complex product offering in an easy-to-understand way that makes it simple for decision makers to buy. Where better to turn to for inspiration on how to turn a complicated story into compelling narrative? Hollywood!

Cinema is awash with plots that feature a “baddie” infiltrating a computer system for some malicious purpose or another, serving as a pivotal point for the film’s storyline unfolds.

Enter our “IS Decisions ruins Hollywood” video campaign, which simply demonstrated how IS Decisions’ access management software could dramatically alter the plotlines of some of Hollywood’s most famous films.

Launched as an interactive landing page, the campaign engaged prospects in a way the company had never been able to achieve before.

Wildfire’s content generation has been vital to the success of our sales — and the results speak for themselves.

Chris Bunn, Marketing director

The Results


increase in software sales


Year on year increase in UserLock trial downloads


unique web visitors to compliance content